I am a fine art hybrid photographer who travels across the country to document and celebrate marriage and motherhood. To me, “Fine Art” is more about the emotion an image evokes rather than just how an image appears. It is my goal first and foremost to serve my clients, but also to create timeless, romantic, luminous images that evoke feelings of love, of romance, images that are a true reflection of their together. This affects every decision I make while photographing my clients. I am constantly observing and seeking the best natural light while guiding them into organic poses so their images are an accurate portrayal or your unique love story. 

Technically speaking, I am a member of a unique group of photographers known as “hybrids.” This means I don’t shoot primarily film or digital photography, but rather combine the two mediums for a unique look and experience. I use professional grade film and only entrust my work in the hands of one of the most revered photo labs in the nation. Photovision not only has processed and developed each of the images in this shop, they also create these fine art prints that will soon adorn the walls of your home. 


Photo by Shannon Moffit


Explore our Mission & Purpose

I have always been inspired by the gentleness, the dedication, the joy a mother finds in caring for her little one. Of all the things I desired in my life, motherhood was a season I was most excited for. Little did I know in 2014, my husband and I would begin the struggle of a journey to become parents as we faced testing, diagnosis, medication, and too many months of negative pregnancy tests. My womb was empty, my hope uncertain. Last year, I began an online community for women struggling with infertility. It was through the openness of this group of incredible women that I found Scarlet and Gold’s Give Grace Campaign. It is my hope that in sharing my work through these fine art prints, awareness will also be spread and other families will find the joy they’ve long hoped for as they await their child.  

I have always been inspired by the gentleness, the dedication, the joy a mother finds in caring for her little one. 

The Give Grace Campaign


In 2015, after an endometriosis diagnosis and years of infertility struggles, Scarlet and Gold's founder, Megan Smalley, launched a campaign known as "Give Grace." The purpose was to initially help ease the financial burden of Megan's infertility treatments, as well as to create a platform in which to advocate for other women struggling with infertility. Today, the campaign is growing and hopes to be able to aid other families as well. As they reference on their website, their heart behind the campaign is to "Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ,” Galations 6:2

"Give Grace™ – This idea is so dear to Megan’s heart because grace is such a necessity during any struggle. One of the messages Megan shares about frequently is that because of the roller coaster of emotions she experiences on a regular basis, she needs extra grace from others. Grace when she doesn’t handle things right. 

Grace when she isn’t the kind of friend she wishes she could be. Grace when she is having a hard day and can’t find the strength to get out of bed. She also believes that giving grace to yourself in hard times is so important. During trials like infertility, it can be so easy to feel like a failure. We hope this message encourages you to find someone each day, including yourself, to show a little extra grace.

We hope that you will join us in our #GiveGrace™ movement to break the silence about infertility and to become more open about all our struggles. There is so much freedom in being real and sharing with honesty and vulnerability. Together, we can be a light in this dark world and can help carry each other’s burdens. Will you join us?"


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